We are a contemporary and liturgical Christian Church. We love to sing and we gather to hear the Word of God proclaimed each Sunday. Once a month we celebrate the Lord's Supper as a means of experiencing the grace of God in ways we can taste and see.

Langley Immanuel is a church belonging to  the denomination called the Christian Reformed Church of North America.

We are part of the Christian faith, believing in Jesus as the Son of God and savior of humanity by his subsititionary life of righteousness and his death on the cross. We are part of the family of churches called "Protestant," finding our origins in the 16th century Reformation in Europe. A little more specifically we are part of that faith tradition called "Continental Reformed" - following in the faith lineage of John Calvin, a French and Swiss Reformer, down through the Low Lands of the Netherlands, Belgium, and parts of Huguenot France.

You might say we are "faith tradition" cousins of Presbyterianism - which finds its expression in early reformation England and then finding its home the United States.

Specifically, our church is guided by the mission statement:

Gather. Grow. Go. 

We Gather to worship God and glorify him with our lives. Not just on Sundays, but everyday throughout the week we want to be a community of disciples coming together in life and story.

We Grow in our relationship to God through Jesus and the gospel and in our relationships to each other and the community around us.

We Go out on mission with God to make disciples of all nations and to reveal his kingdom to the world as we live out of God's love in service to our neighbours.

To learn more about the doctrines of our belief, click here.