Church Leadership

The main governing body in most Christian Reformed churches is the Church Council. It is made up of church Elders, Deacons, and Pastors. Elders and Deacons at LICRC are nominated and affirmed by other church members and serve for 3-year terms.


“The elders, with the minister(s), oversee the doctrine and life of the members of the congregation and fellow office bearers, exercise admonition and discipline along with pastoral care in the congregation, participate in and promote evangelism, and defend the faith.” In short, Elders focus on the health of their church family – their faith formation and healthy expression as men and women following Christ.


Deacons are chosen to empower members of their own congregation and partner with neighboring churches, Christian services, and local social agencies. Deacons offer leadership for the entire church body, to touch people’s lives as Christ’s hands and feet by focusing on: compassion, community ministry, stewardship, and justice concerns – in short, many areas that focus on reaching out to embrace the world around us.