The Young Adults  Ministry is dedicated to providing a community of Christian fellowship for those 18 and older. A place  for Young Adults to worship the LORD,  study the Word, pray, and grow with each other in Christ.  The fellowship involves group worship and prayer, shared meals, fun events,  and providing care to Young Adults in university. The Young Adults Ministry also works with other Christian Reformed churches to bring Young Adults fellowship to the greater church body.

Christian Community to Gather in Christ

Fellowship in the YA community is how Immanuel is providing discipleship for the YA's.  Providing a place for fun activities, such as boardgame nights, community meals, group activities,  and organized outings. Fellowship with other YA's  involves worship nights, a regular bible study, and a Rotating Prayer Group. 

Rotating Prayer Group
Young Adults Praying for Young Adults

At Immanuel we believe in the power and necessity of prayer. Each week a Young Adult will receive the name of another YA in the RPG and pray for that person everyday that week.  So everyone is praying for someone and is being prayed for by someone.  

Young Adults Ministry
Multi-Church Young Adults

The Young Adults Ministry (YAM) is a multi church YA Ministry where the fellowship found in the individual churches can be broadened to the greater Church body. Events with other churches occur bi-monthly, and lend well to the fellowship model at Immanuel. 

Church's Involved:

Langley Immanual CRC           Willoughby CRC             Fleetwood CRC