Special Events

Harvest Table

Calling all gardeners! Share your extra produce at church this year. Starting in mid to late May and continuing through the summer and into the fall, the table will be set up in the foyer or courtyard each Sunday for donations of fresh produce. Anyone wanting some fresh produce can enjoy (feel free to take for someone in need of some kindness too)! 

Sundays, May-October |   

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Twilight Service

Twilight Service is a new contemporary, liturgical, evening church service designed to CONNECT with one another, to WORSHIP the Risen Lord, and ENGAGE our communities. Twilight Service is a collaborative initiative of Fleetwood CRC, Hope Community Church, Langley Immanuel CRC, and Willoughby CRC.

Twilight happens on the 3rd Sunday of the month at Immanuel CRC in Langley.  This year, Kevin Lobert, Youth Pastor at Immanuel CRC, will preach through the Seven Letters in Revelation. Following each service, there is time for small groups to meet and discuss. This includes youth, young adults, and real adult small groups.
Sunday, October 15  |  Sunday, November 19  |  Sunday, December 17   |  7:00PM     

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Fellowship Potluck

A time of fun and fellowship… and good food! This meal time conveniently proceeds any regular Wednesday night activity and events (Catechism, meetings, etc), so come for dinner too! And you can’t go wrong at a potluck – everyone brings some of their best (or leftover) dishes! No RSVP needed – just join in!

Wednesday, October 18  |  Wednesday, November 15   |  5:30-7:00pm 

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