Leadership & Staff

The main governing body in most Christian Reformed churches is the Church Council. It is made up of church Elders, Deacons, and Pastors. Elders and Deacons at LICRC are nominated and affirmed by other church members and serve for 3-year terms.


“The elders, with the minister(s), oversee the doctrine and life of the members of the congregation and fellow office bearers, exercise admonition and discipline along with pastoral care in the congregation, participate in and promote evangelism, and defend the faith.” In short, Elders focus on the health of their church family – their faith formation and healthy expression as men and women following Christ.


Deacons are chosen to empower members of their own congregation and partner with neighboring churches, Christian services, and local social agencies. Deacons offer leadership for the entire church body, to touch people’s lives as Christ’s hands and feet by focusing on: compassion, community ministry, stewardship, and justice concerns – in short, many areas that focus on reaching out to embrace the world around us.


Pastors & Staff

Chris deWinter

Chris deWinter

Lead Pastor

Pastor Chris took the call to join our family and leadership in November 2020. His roots are further east of the Rockies, but he and his family are thrilled to be landed along the Westcoast. Chris’ vision and organizational skills suit his role, while what he loves most is a good, solid conversation. Chris and his wife live in Langley with their two children.

Kevin Lobert

Kevin Lobert

Youth Pastor

Kevin arrived from Edmonton, AB, to serve at the church in 2008. He is a graduate of Redeemer University College. His enthusiastic leadership has been embraced by the church. Kevin and his wife have three daughters.

Kev has a warm outlook on life, is quick to chuckle and joke, loves his family, sports, theatre, and comedy, and it’s rumoured Kev has taken up extreme albino snow camel racing (you’ll have to ask him directly if the rumour is true).


Young Adults Intern

Josh was born in the Langley area, and grew up in Langley Immanuel. He loves the Bible and loves to learn, and is pursing studies towards becoming a pastor. 

Josh is a happy-go-lucky man with a full laugh and is a total hermeneutics nerd. Digging into the Word of God, and explaining it to anyone with even mild curiosity bring him delight. It is rumoured that Josh can’t see the colour green.




Sylvia was born and raised in Langley. She and her husband joined Langley Immanuel in 2008 and Sylvia began her role as Administrator in 2014. They have four adult children, one daughter-in-law, and four lively grandchildren.

Sylvia is passionate about loving God and helping others – whether it be in her family, as a volunteer in the community, or as she manages the church office. Her warm and quick smile are a first taste of the church’s hospitality.



Marilyn was born in Burnaby and has lived in Surrey since she married her husband Martin in 1981.  They have always been members of New Westminster CRC.  They have 7 adult children, a daughter-in-law, 2 sons-in-law and thoroughly enjoy their 5 grandchildren.  Marilyn loves her family, camping and singing praises to the Lord, especially with her choir.