Christian Reformed

Langley Immanuel CRC is a part of the Christian Reformed Church (CRC), which includes approximately one thousand congregations across the United States and Canada, from small country chapels to large urban churches.

We are a Reformed Church, meaning we emphasize some teachings or Scriptural interpretations more than others.  Terms such as “Sovereignty”, “Covenant”, and “Kingdom” continue to shape the unique identity and distinct accent that the CRC contributes to the worldwide church.

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Resonate Global Mission (formerly Christian Reformed World Missions and Christian Reformed Home Missions) places and supports missionaries around the world. These men and women and their families work at the community level, helping grow the Church and be a part of transformation through worldview change.

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World Renew (formerly the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee) provides a way to offer relief to those whose lives are traumatized by earthquake, flood, hunger and drought and a way to equip those in developing countries to take care of themselves.

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Sunday Gathering

21713 50 Ave
Langley, BC